Vaccine damage – fact or fiction?

By | October 17, 2013

It is one of those days. I’m looking at old photos and videos of Nisarga and the difference is so stark to me. Yet all these years, doctor after doctor has dismissed vaccine damage as a possibility. I cannot understand this. If a child has changed dramatically within days of being vaccinated, how can it be discarded so easily?

Worse, say the doctors are all knowing and know everything there could possibly be to know about what vaccines can and cannot do, with the kind of scandals around medicines with severe quality control issues to the point where some claim that over half the drugs being produced in India are of lower quality than claimed, how can ANYONE dismiss the possibility so totally and without investigation?

I go nuts every time I think of this. What has happened with Nisarga has happened, but surely more children need not go this way? Yet I feel impotent. In all these years, not a single doctor has noted the symptoms to report a possible vaccine reaction.

I realize that I have been very ignorant and lax in terms of tracking changes, but to the best of my memory, this is what happened. Nisarga got vaccinated for DPT and HiB and I don’t know which one it was, but he became what I understood as lethargic. By the time I realized something was really wrong, it was a good few months gone by. It was nothing dramatic, just less and less activity and by the time I realized that he could no longer do the things he used to be able to and was not just in a low activity phase….

He had been physically mobile since birth. He used to kick his feet in the air, wave his arms about from the beginning. Just before the vaccination, he had rolled over for the first time. While I don’t have a date by date track, for proof that I’m not imagining things, this is Nisarga at a week old. Note how his arms and legs both move against gravity freely, though he was born underweight and is rather scrawny. He rolled over to his sides in the process – this is him at one week old. He still cannot turn to his side this rapidly now at 4 years old. The strange expressions are because he was pooping at that time. He still makes strange faces while pooping 😀

This is him at 2.5 months old. His weight is slightly better. Again notice how he has no problems waving his arms, though his feet are not so visible in this one.

This one was shot soon after the vaccination. I don’t remember the exact date, but I hadn’t realized anything was wrong. Just thought he was content to watch instead of grab the rattle. Notice how his arms are spread wide and unmoving. It was over a month before he started using them again, and improvements were very, very gradual and with a lot of hard work getting him to learn. He was able to clap his hands reliably at 3 years old. It is today that he was able to hand a toy into my hand for the first time. He is 4 years old.

This is a month or so after that video. Notice how his arms and legs barely clear the ground in spite of him being so excited and laughing (which makes it easier to bring hands and feet closer to body).

If this does not deserve doctors even taking serious note of symptoms reported, I don’t know what the hell does.

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2 thoughts on “Vaccine damage – fact or fiction?

  1. RM

    Dear Vidyut,
    I have an uneasy feeling that your child’s condition could have been brought about by the vaccinations.I’m not a doctor but we all have our instincts to tell us when something is VERY wrong.When you see something toxic pushed onto you and nobody talking about it is because of the money.The corporate intrusion into our lives is complete and Big Pharma which makes (and aggressively markets) these vaccines is no exception.You’ve probably heard of “regulatory capture” and the “revolving door”.In India it IS IN YOUR FACE .I am providing some links to some articles and a very important documentary examining the role of Big Pharma,Government and Vaccination.

    This is Lina Moreco’s film on vaccination-Shots in the Dark :Silence on Vaccine.You can watch it here….

    The articles below examine the connection between toxic medicines/vaccines and toxic philanthro-capitalism and the takeover of Govt policy by these forces..It is a great four part article…Strongly advise you to read links to all four.Brilliant stuff which no one talks about..You’ll understand why doctors don’t like talking about this…


  2. senthil

    The doctors are just humble slaves of what is written in the medical book.. The allopathic system do not allow doctors to think on their own. That;s why they refuse to accept any new symptoms developed in their patients that are not in their medical book.. So i am NOT suprised when you wrote that your doctor dismissed the symptoms of your child..

    What the allopathic system demands from doctor is that they have to follow the medical book, else they are severely punished.. So most doctors prefer blindly following the book in all cases, even if it means death to the patient.. they cannot be prosecuted .. and these medical books are written by western scientists controlled by global pharma companies.

    Unless we change the system there is no light in the tunnel we are in..

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