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By | December 1, 2011

Nisarga’s dystonia means he uses his body in a quite twisted way. To push against the floor, he uses the back of his hands instead of palm. It has been a struggle for over a year now to keep patiently correcting it by turning his hand over so that his palm pushes against the floor. Of course, I can’t do it every time, but as often as possible.

With the new medication, he has been more open to using his palms, though he still uses the back of his hand a lot.

Today, when I corrected how his hands were resting, he put his head down, so that he was sleeping on his stomach with his forearms and palms against the floor palms in line with his shoulders. And something I had made a mental note of clicked in that position. He could push up with minimum effort.

Now, this is a very good position to push up on hands and knees. One which I tried to “place” him into, but he is very touch sensitive, so he doesn’t stay like that.

Using the opportunity, I supported his waist slightly to take off some of the weight and make it easy for him to try coming up on his hands and leaned over him so that he looked up at me, and very naturally, he raised himself till his hands extended and reflexively got his knee under him, and there we were!

Both of us surprised. Me surprised because after all those battles trying to teach him, when I really went with what he was already doing [I tried always, but I am learning from youtube videos – don’t have the skill of those guys], it was so ridiculously simple to help him to it! He, because he found himself in a totally different position with a lot of possibilities.

Big grins.

I refrained from over reacting, because that kind of freezes him. He has done it with a random movement that worked, he still doesn’t understand what to duplicate if I tell him to do it again. So we played, and then again, when he was in a similar position, I touched his waist and he came up on one knee and hands.

Then again. Some four or five times. Differently each time. He is experimenting. And it is so beautiful. I went to the loo and cried some happy tears.

We are finally up on our hands and knees and making some attempts to crawl mixed up with it. Yay!!!!

Another moment when I wished so much that someone was around to wield a camera!

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