Drawing with Nisarga

By | March 25, 2011

Uh…. no. He didn’t actually draw these, he…. directed them.

He was fussy, so to entertain him, I started telling him about the website design work I was doing. One thing led to another, and we fiddled around with the Harmony script for drawing – an adapted version of which forms the background of this site.

He liked the look of the colors moving around on the page, so we did a lot of that.

I showed him how to write his name, drew him various things like kids playing, mountains, flowers, computer, etc. Things were moving quite fast, so I don’t have a whole load of screenshots, but these are a few, just to show off my son’s choices, and the very marvellous Harmony script by Mr. Doob.

One thought on “Drawing with Nisarga

  1. sanjyot

    lovely. i just love the way you write all these brainy stuff with Nisarga on your lap. a complete jhansi ki rani lakshmi bai pose!!! i used to give myself the excuse, i cant o this, cant write, cant think, cant relax , cant meditate with kids creating a ruckus 24/7….you have proved htat,if htere is real grey matter up there, it gets functioning, kids or no kids. love your brains, and love the way you are very very very comfortable with motherhood

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