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Body movement as it evolves

A remarkable video of an infant learning to move. The process of refining movement to learn new movement and achieve proficiency is transparent. A must see for parents and anyone interested in the process of learning.

Growing up like mom and dad

Okay, so its Nisarga’s eleventh birthday, and we are all grown up and ready to work. Naturally, the very first work we will try on is work we have seen happening around us. So friends, families and well wishers, here I present, Nisarga the mountaineer: The first one was taken when Raka was packing for… Read More »

10 months old today

Nisarga celebrated his birthday by being full of energy and initiating loads of playing today. You missed it, since I didn’t have a camera handy, but here are some of my favourite moments with the little charmer.

Uncertainties of unschooling

Posting an email response I made on a group I belong to. “What if things don’t fall into right places and then one day your child will ask, why did you do this to me?” The way I see this, no matter what I do, I will have done some things well and messed others… Read More »

6 months old

Some amazing photos from Nisarga’s six month birthday. Raka has outdone himself this time. Talented photographer, charming model!

Feldenkrais for infants

The Feldenkrais method is a way of touching and moving with complete respect for comfort and produces results that are quite incredible.

Old pictures of tummytime

Nisarga on his tummy chasing his favourite toy. This little guy likes being on his tummy. Here are some pictures I found on my phone of him having a good time with his toy last month.

Nisarga's Bornahan

We had a small bornahan ceremony for Nisarga today. For those who don’t know, a bornahan happens for small kids and they get showered with berries and other sweet things to eat. It is usually done some time after the 14th of Jan. The evening began quite well. My parents arrived nice and early and… Read More »