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The amazing ride

I was going through the gazillion photos we have amassed in the recent months, and was at a loss how to begin ‘sorting them’. What struck me is that how far we have come in this short span. Here’s the story in pictures. /p>

A dream for my son makes me better

I was on the phone with a friend. She is into all this vision-mission kind of stuff, and very generous about sharing her learnings in life. It does get a little difficult to get her to see another perspective, but what I appreciate is her generosity in sharing all she has. It was very rewarding… Read More »

My son clings to me!

Okay, all the warnings are coming true. The last two days, Nisarga has shown a distinct preference for being held, and will nap on me, but not if I set him down on his bed. The difference is, that its not the end of the world as predicted. I’m enjoying it. What more special experience… Read More »

Cultures and co-sleeping – My baby is not a product

I had hurriedly read through Dr. Aletha Olter’s site and recommended it earlier, but now, I think I need to revise my opinion of Aware Parenting and downgrade the status from definitely recommended to take with a pinch of salt. Heck upend the entire salt shaker on it. Here’s the reason: Important warning There have… Read More »

The difficult balance

With a baby, I’m re-discovering what I thought I was done with after the marriage – how difficult it is to come to a meeting of ways with people with different belief and value systems. The new mother’s generosity and eagerness to share her magic with the world often leads to unwise choices where we… Read More »

Nisargak's get-together cancelled

For those who know, the get together we had planned for introducing Nisargak to friends and family has been cancelled due to “unavoidable reasons” <— read womanly business. Since the venue was a temple, that’s a no-go. This really is a blow, since we were all looking forward to this function. This officially marks the… Read More »

Happy birthday mom

I haven’t posted in a while, as I was busy with all kinds of stuff. Not easy being a mom-cum-businesswoman-cum-housewife-cum-webmaster. I’m not very good with prioritizing, and tend to forget about one thing when I become engrossed with another. Coming to the sharing in this post, it was my birthday. For Nisarga, it was his… Read More »

Evolving toys

I have joined a toy library for Nisarga. They have toys and books and stuff. Its started by a friend and I can get flashcards, and books, all kinds of toys and stuff for him, without investing in space in my home. Its quite great actually, and surprisingly affordable. She operates it only two days… Read More »

Mother's love is extra blind

Okay, this is what happened. I was sitting at the computer, working on this site with Nisarga behind me fast asleep. I realized he was awake when I heard his usual shout “aaae”. I turned around and spoke with him, and he responded with a huge grin. I could literally see the bulb light in… Read More »