Nisarga likes a Bengali Song!

By | November 11, 2011

These last few days, Nisarga has been absolutely cranky. He has a cold, plus is teething a pre-molar. One of the pointy tips of the tooth is out, another is under the surface. That must be painful.

Painful or not, he is cranky, clingy.

One blessing is an accidental discovery:

When Bhupen Hazarika died, I played “Manush Manusher Jonya” for him on headphones, and he was absolutely fascinated. He heard it several times, including tolerating the headphones. So, grabbing that idea, I played it again, and it works!

Music has always been a solution with this guy

So, I have now heard this song gazillion times. Good thing it is such an awesome song, or it would have been torture. I love it too… still not tired. What an awesome heart to heart song! Maybe that is why Nisarga likes it.

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