Putting a baby to sleep

By | November 8, 2011

So after over two years of experience, I consider myself as somewhat experienced at putting a baby to sleep. At least this particular baby.

There is a formula. When it is time for bed and I see eyes drooping, pick him up and let him settle to sleep. If he won’t sleep, check hungry, thirsty, uncomfortable, overtired. In that order for Nisarga at least. By the time you reach the end of the list, the little guy is asleep.

Not today. Checked all. Double checked. Triple checked. No go. He was crying, sobbing clinging. Rocked him for two hours flat. Fed him once in the middle of it. No go.

Shoulders aching and frankly fed up, I put him down praying that he wouldn’t start crying, so that I could at least visit the loo.

As I lowered him, he started whimpering. Resolute, I put him down anyway. He curled on his side and slept!!!

Then what were the last two hours all about?

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