Nisarga has learned to open the fridge

God help me! Every time the kid goes out of sight, he is right there at the fridge, with its door open, basking in the cool air. On one hand, I’m thrilled, as always when he learns something new – it is an obvious solution, yes? Hey! It is hot. I know where mom keeps… Read More »

The birth of a girl

A doctor from Pune has stopped charging for the deliveries of girls or treatments. I think it is a brilliant stand to take. Pune doctor stops charging fees for delivering girl child following Beed infanticide bravo! May your tribe increase! — Vidyut (@Vidyut) January 22, 2013 The reason for it is sad though. I… Read More »

Fascinated with the laptop camera

Rofl. Today morning, Nisarga hit some keys on the laptop, and started the camera, which is something even I haven’t figured out. So, we clicked some pictures and made some effects. Here are the results. Some of the better ones, that is. [satellite] He found the graphics of the software and the animation of the… Read More »

When the going gets tough

It has been a month now, Nisarga is super clingy. We had gone to stay in Virar when my mother-in-law fell ill, and ever since then, he simply won’t let me out of his sight. His medication also doesn’t seem to be working any miracles, and the dystonia is more pronounced. He has increasing trouble… Read More »

Yes, yes yes!!!

Nisarga’s dystonia means he uses his body in a quite twisted way. To push against the floor, he uses the back of his hands instead of palm. It has been a struggle for over a year now to keep patiently correcting it by turning his hand over so that his palm pushes against the floor.… Read More »

Rediscovering Water

To make a long story short, the water storage tank at home overflows when some conditions are met, and those conditions got met today. The result was a big puddle of water in the passage outside the toilet and bathroom. This is the passage. The area before Nisarga, near the tub of washing gets totally… Read More »

Dosa with Nisarga

Today when we went out for a walk, Nisarga had already been suffering cabin fever at home (which is a normal state of being) and was desperate to go out. Once out, he was in a grand mood, excited and all. Met kids in the compound somewhat reluctantly – he wanted to be on the… Read More »

OPD at Wadia Pediatric Hospital

Unable to get an appointment with Dr. Anaita Hegde soon, and unwilling to wait further after having spent so much time with lack of money, depression, domestic issues, etc we decided to go to the OPD at Wadia hospital where she consults on Fridays. Was a surprisingly inexpensive affair and straightforward if hideously time consuming.… Read More »

What a scare!

Our bedroom has a broken lock for many days. It can be opened from the inside, but not the outside. The rule is to not close the bedroom door when no adult is inside. Particularly if Nisarga is in. Today, the husband returned home late, drunk, and called me out of the room to talk.… Read More »