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Dosa with Nisarga

Today when we went out for a walk, Nisarga had already been suffering cabin fever at home (which is a normal state of being) and was desperate to go out. Once out, he was in a grand mood, excited and all. Met kids in the compound somewhat reluctantly – he wanted to be on the… Read More »

What a scare!

Our bedroom has a broken lock for many days. It can be opened from the inside, but not the outside. The rule is to not close the bedroom door when no adult is inside. Particularly if Nisarga is in. Today, the husband returned home late, drunk, and called me out of the room to talk.… Read More »

Nisarga likes a Bengali Song!

These last few days, Nisarga has been absolutely cranky. He has a cold, plus is teething a pre-molar. One of the pointy tips of the tooth is out, another is under the surface. That must be painful. Painful or not, he is cranky, clingy. One blessing is an accidental discovery: When Bhupen Hazarika died, I… Read More »

Putting a baby to sleep

So after over two years of experience, I consider myself as somewhat experienced at putting a baby to sleep. At least this particular baby. There is a formula. When it is time for bed and I see eyes drooping, pick him up and let him settle to sleep. If he won’t sleep, check hungry, thirsty,… Read More »

I yelled at Nisarga today

Nisarga has a cold. He has been whiny, fussy, clingy all day. Shoulders tired of carrying him. Ears tired of hearing crying I have no idea how to fix. I take care of his comforts, but …. I suppose he is just …. unhappy. End of day time, and he was showing no signs of… Read More »

Bhaubeej 2011

So, Bhaubeej, or Bhaidooj, as the Hindi people call it was yesterday, and Nisarga had a blast. Actually his day hadn’t been so great since he had been constipated again after quite a while of good stomach, so he was fussy. But all that changed when he reached there. Normally the boy who yells and… Read More »

A day for heading out

So, Nisarga has discovered that there is a whole new exciting world out there. And he wants to go out. out. out. All. The. Time. Bring him back from a walk and he turns right back to the door. To summarize since he woke up at 8:15am today (and it is 9:30am now)…. Woke up,… Read More »

Bath Time

Here are two videos from our bath time escapades. Nisarga has always loved the playing in water part of bathing and always hated the washing face part of it.  The fun lies in catching a stream of water or pushing a bobbing toy under. Some of the most enjoyable moments of the day.

Doctor’s visit in Parle

Much has happened since the previous posts. I finally gave up on trying to patch the marriage and have moved back to the father, which isn’t a big improvement, but still as step in the right direction. So, we needed a pediatrician in Parle, and we went to one this time. And what an ace!!!… Read More »